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Pets of the Stadler Lab

Hazel 2.jpg


Likes: Sleeping, cuddling, treats, zooming around the apartment at 4 am, zooming around the apartment after using the litter box, making muffins, sneakily licking the ice cream bowl before it is washed, and taunting Hazel (but secretly sleeps on top of her if she is asleep)

Dislikes: other cats, Hazel, or really any living being that is not a human for some reason


Likes: Stealing seats, cuddling, begging for food even if she doesn’t like the food, ZOOMIES, giving high fives, playing with small dogs or kittens, barking at the one dog that lives at my mom’s neighbor’s house over and over and over, chasing Brooke, and being generally terribly behaved but gets away with it with her cuteness and charming personality


Dislikes: being alone for over 0.2 seconds, corgis (because apparently they are scary), great danes (they are very big and also scary), carrots (but will still beg for carrots and spit them out), being disturbed from her slumber, any affection not directed towards her

Brooke 1.jpeg
Hazel 1.jpeg
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